PRK On The Air: from Salatin to Seasonal

Photo: Parker Michael Knight/Flickr

In food news this week at WBUR, there were two on-air segments you’ll want to catch up with on your own time. The first may get your blood boiling; the second calls for boiling of the more conventional kind.

On Monday, Virginia farmer/activist/philosopher Joel Salatin was front and center at “On Point,” conversing with host Jayne Clayson and fellow guest Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation. Salatin thinks America’s food culture and our attitudes about food “ain’t normal.” Organic certification, ingredients we can’t pronounce, government subsidies, consumers’ “knowledge gap”…it’s all there. Listen in.

On Thursday, “Here & Now” resident chef Kathy Gunst stirred up some goodness in her pot to share: mushroom soup. She’s got a new cookbook out called Notes From a Maine Kitchen: Seasonally Inspired Recipes, and for October she features mushrooms and apples. Listen here for a new technique on making mushroom soup, and how-to easy apple cider jelly.