Food Therapy from Celeb Foodie

Photo: courtesy of Celeb Foodie

My school is pretty atypical. I constantly find myself in the middle of a hub of creative and out-of-the-box thinking that is not only encouraged, but required. It’s an environment that has traded having a large auditorium for three state-of-the-art theatres; a place that prides itself on having a football team that has gone “Undefeated Since 1880” (i.e., we don’t have one); and, finally, it’s an environment where “going to quidditch practice” is an acceptable and respectable use of time.

It was in this spirit that recent graduate Jillian Leff, the blogger behind “Celeb Foodie,” whipped up a batch of Yum Wand 3000s for the final installment of the long-anticipated Harry Potter saga a couple months back. While HP has said its final farewell, these unique treats live on: they make a superb and fetching Halloween snack.

What’s even better is that no magic is required to make these salty-sweet desserts appear. You only need several long pretzel sticks, milk chocolate chips and bags of your favorite candy. These family-friendly desserts look both delicious and fun to concoct. What’s more, you can channel your creative side and make your own version!

Personally, I suspect that whether celebrating an Emerson victory in the Quidditch World Cup (yes, it’s a very real thing) or ringing in Halloween in style, these unique and tasty treats will make the perfect October snack.


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