Food Therapy from Spoon Fork Bacon


During the winter, I find that I like having dinner parties in lieu of going out. Nothing fancy — usually just cheap potlucks around a theme (this weekend we’re spotlighting all the mulled wine we have left from the holidays). It’s really the laziest way to stay social in the winter, on nights when you can barely force yourself outside — bring the fun to you!

Of course, some work is required when hosting a party. You have to spend all day cleaning both before and after, for one. And you should have some reliable munchies on hand, too. You can always buy some Doritos and call it a day, but come on: your friends deserve better (especially since, as mentioned, they had to leave the house to get there in possibly sub-zero conditions).

This recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon — Sweet Potato Hummus with Cumin Flatbread Chips — is one idea. It’s healthy, it’s interesting, and most importantly, it sets a casual and fun tone — no prosciutto-wrapped dates here. It’s best served in slippers and shared with your giggling best friends.