Thursday Tidbits: 7 Days of Bacon and Beer

Photo: Ben Husmann/Flickr


Bacon/Brew Week 
Hale and hearty, Boston’s 3rd annual Bacon and Beer Fest has grown into a week-long celebration, beginning this Sunday, April 29, and ending next Saturday. Lots of restaurants are creating their own savory take on this favorite pairing. Grab all the information here.

The Health of New England’s Seafood
This Sunday, April 29, is a great chance to learn about the health of our region’s fish stock and fishing industry. Let’s Talk About Food (LTAF) has organized another Teach-In — this time at Harvard University — with a line-up of impressive seafood-related professionals from all walks of the industry. Tickets are $10 for the 1-5pm program; there is a free, related event Sunday evening at the Museum of Science. Read more and order tickets at the LTAF site.

Spring Flavors
Massachusetts Horticulture Society is holding its The Flavors of Spring Gala on Friday, May 4, at 6:30 pm in Wellesley. This fundraiser, benefiting the “Garden to Table” program, will feature tastings from local chefs, local distillers and craft beers. The Garden to Table program helps people of all ages and all levels of gardening experience learn how to grow, cook, preserve and enjoy healthy local food. Tickets are $125 per person and may be reserved at or by calling Maureen Horn at 617-933-4912.

The History of Japan’s Coffee Craze
Next up in the Pépin Lecture Series offered by BU’s Food and Wine program is Coffee Life in Japan, presented by BU Anthropology Professor Merry White. White will trace Japan’s vibrant café society and its impact on urban space, notions of modernity and gender-based behavior. The lecture takes place on May 9, 6pm.


A Thousand Tiny Worlds: Post-riot L.A.
Jonathan Gold, Restaurant Critic for the L.A. Timeswrites an eloquent commentary on how the city’s riots of ten years ago altered the food landscape in his old neighborhood.

Racism in Restaurants Persists
So finds researchers out of the University of North Carolina, who have published a new study documenting restaurant servers’ self-professed biased attitudes towards customers of color. Our neighbors at CommonHealth blog report.

Women, Down on the Farm
Farmers age (we all do), but women outlive men. Do the math, and you’ll find more women in charge of farmland. NPR’s Sarah McCammon reports for “All Things Considered.”

One Mad Cow
One animal has recently tested positive for Mad Cow Disease in the States. Food writer Marion Nestle recounts the news, and comments on what this implies.


Where’s the Beef?
You may think it’s prized Kobe beef from Japan you’re eating, especially if it’s billed that way. But, the fact is, if you’re eating it here in the States, Kobe beef it’s not.