Food Therapy From Cooking The Seasons

Cardamom pods for Chai (photo: Steven Jackson Photography/Flickr)

Ready to ring yourself out yet? Feel like you’re growing moss?

Let’s face it: it’s been a damp, dark week. And we have one more day to get through til we see that gorgeous orb, the sun. Somerville-basedĀ Cooking The Seasons has posted what may be the best form of food therapy — and heat — you could hope for while we wait out the wet stuff: tea.

Here’s a recipe for homemadeĀ Chai, “one of those things that smells amazing and tastes even better than it smells.” The line-up of spices is tantalizing, and the method of cooking so, so easy.

Thanks, Cooking The Seasons, and hold tight, everyone. Before you know it, the sun’ll be back.