Food Therapy From The Garum Factory

Photo: stevendepolo/Flickr

The first time we checked in with The Garum Factory, the food blog co-written by locals Ken Rivard and his wife, chef Jody Adams of Rialto and Trade, the two were serving up Summer Tomatoes with Grilled Corn and Barley and having a seemingly grand time with their new joint enterprise. Ken and Jody have made, consumed and shared with us many gorgeous and accessible dishes since then.

Nowadays, the pair are diving into strawberry season. With a short list of five ingredients (one being strawberries), and a set of steps roughly the same number in length, their Strawberries with Marsala Zabaglione is within easy reach. Sounds like you need to be attentive to the eggs and not skimp out with the quality of your Marsala. Beyond that, this tongue-twisting, elegantly simple dessert is yours for the having — and sharing.